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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Euphoria #3 - When I'm Gone

End but a step now

Finally, here

Long I’ve toiled

Long it’d been

and I’d be gone

Stop! wait now

Said who but a snake

Yes. I, your mate

Shall whom I trail

now you’d be gone

Dearest snake now

Chase you did

but spoke hardly

Pity, we’ve missed

for you’d be gone

Let us go now

Your tail had severed

Far I’ve left

the pain, the need

Soon, you’d be gone


Sane, are you now?

Much to be had

Pain is my poison

Desire for more

Shame, you’d be gone

Run along now

Pain will wither

Teeth won’t get

where you are quicker

Foolish, you’d be gone

Still, I am now

No poison I fear

Run I did

Hasn’t got me here

So I’d be gone


Forgot I did now

This world, the reality

Mine all along

For I had birthed it

Now I’d be gone


And I’ll take you with me.