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Thursday, September 10, 2020

And What Would I Be

Why am I not
And you are
What pill to take
Must hide the ache
Many hearts to break
To own what you own
And then more
I deserve more
For horrors I’ve seen
To the depths I’ve been
Of pains greater
Hills much steeper
And stares too colder

Feats unsung
Bonds undone
All to be here
The joy seems near
But the path is beaten
Yet no conclusion
Like a dog mistaken
It’s tale for a chasin’
I’ve been deluded
By them who ordered
“You shall not ease in
For life is not to loose in
Off you go; win”
No ribbon of golden
Of that I’m certain
Or a man who broke it
I obsessed on
Curtains have fallen
So was the illusion
Reality was bent 
Oh! the years I’ve spent
Toture and dent
Like an eagle in such height
Dropped its pray mid-flight
The weight quickly dies
But a hunger will rise

Lights shimmering
Past sickening
Embracing the empty
No need to be nifty
A void is tightening
Nothing is frightening
Not anymore
I've longed for this feeling
Then and there
An epiphany out of air
Before it’d flee
“Not wanting to be
Is something to be”