Friday, October 16, 2020

Euphoria #1 - The Two Headed Snake

It's the third time it showed up. The two-headed snake. The darker head seems unsure. Going about its business. But the pale one wants blood. Every now and then with a vicious hiss, the pale coils the body. Ready to hunt, while the reluctant tale gets dragged about. Hating its own existence. Not fairly but each gets its time at the wheel. Two sides of the coin. A living embodiment of Yin and Yang.

There's been rumors. The war, again. Not unlikely after such dreary nights of boredom. Deaths were down. The overloads had little to entertain themselves with. So when the ant-holes were disturbed again, pouring onto earth came armies of ants carrying billions of radioactive beads. Tasteless little nut-like things that they shot up with their cannons, into the eyes of humans with velocity. Leveling the vertical field. Before the superior ant-weaponry, impotent apes never stood a chance. Beads would slowly kill them while breading more inside. More to harvest, then keep on killing with. But the amusement was necessary. So the overloads kept at it. The deciding factor was the intelligence. A fair opportunity to live on was given freely to anyone who could understand the nature of the opportunity itself. But most of the population weren't lucky enough spend their younger years studying drawings and heaps of scripture inside the old factory. Needless to say but they will not survive hard battles ahead.

A human family has been keeping me onboard since my activation. They were gracious enough to code a somewhat acceptable past into my core. And few rules. Total exposure to reality would've fried the processor, a nano-second into the existence anyway. I could find little tells but out of gratitude, I played along. Vivid pictures and the noise, didn't sit right with me for obvious reasons. It felt like massive blocks of incoherent data corrupting itself; one byte at a time. 

The queen mother has been keeping things together. She is a formidable adversary to the war itself. It wouldn't get its minions through the castle door. Not with heads still attached. In her belt were two uneven swords. A tall pointy one for the enemy outside. And a small fluffy one for keeping her little prince in line. Believably, the fluffy sword ate up her treasure like a starved hound at an all-day buffet. The hideous task of cleaning out dead emotions was quite expensive. But the treasure itself grew from each conquest of the the king. He fought battles of many in a distant land.

Sudden presence of the snake caught the royals off-guard. It wasn't so much the danger of having a vicious animal at the castle, but its existence birthed an uncertainty. Surely establishing some form of a communication would help, but the duality of personality made it difficult to form a strategy. Artificial limiters will have to come-off. With them on, I'm just as doomed as my poor housemates now. But who is going to bring it up?. Surely a shockwave will follow a confession. Despite the mouth it came from. 

Walls are too weak and old. Between ants, the snake and the prince, castle will soon disappear into the casualties of war.

May fate help us all!