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Monday, March 2, 2020

Putting out the Fire

In recent past, our lives have been a never ending struggle to achieve an ultimate happiness that is so vividly presented in every-which way possible by an unforeseen force. As depressing as it sounds, Things people will care about in years to come, are decided in a board-rooms full of self-eccentric ego-maniacs, Who are also unintentionally suffering from their own line-of-business. We've all heard of, or seen some ridiculous numbers prompting the declining forest density, rising CO2 levels, melting ice or alarmingly increasing population over last few years. Well, put aside constant alerts for an impending doom, some of those numbers points to an even more dreadful situation.
Today, There are unwritten measures, By which a man or a woman will be judged and classified to a suitable socio-economic class, Where they are supposed to feel belonged and destined to envy the blessed. In local communities, Such measures comes in shapes of education, property, marriage, children, and then a solid retirement plan. Extra points will be added in once's favor for shorter period of time and flamboyancy of said achievements. Not to mention, There's also an order for these milestones. People would feel less threatened by a 60 year old amateur businessman who just bought a house and started making children, than a retired CEO with a blooming restaurant chain and a fleet of grandchildren to carry-on his legacy.

In this context, pressure would build up to a point that each person's tolerance will be tested and rewarded accordingly by relatives, peers and employers. A person born with a fortune might struggle to keep things together and fight-off his daemons, pulling him towards a life full of sins and bad investments. Keeping up face with whoever the face of pop culture, would be a nightmare. On the other hand, a middle-class person will have actual struggles with life to keep a family going with a mediocre job and couple of bank loans. A similar journey but even harsh struggles will befall on a poorer person. All in all, regardless of fat bank accounts or a leaking roof, only a handful people would escape the barbaric gladiator match and never turn back. Others will be left with a tiresome sad life, where happiness has to be bought or earned in flecks.

Sadness is a two-sided coin, Where one side is the urge to somehow get happier and the other is crippling and destructive, forcing to accept defeat and let go. Whenever the spinning stops, turned up face will decide once fate, until he or she decide to have another go at the coin. Funny thing here is, it's not like we never had the option to walk away. It's just we can't. And that is surely sad.

Once in few decades or so, the proverbial fireworks might go-off. Someone from the pack will choose not to play by someone else's rules or any at all. End results will either be a bunch of misguided people who will live vicariously or millions slaughtered and inevitable havoc that will echo for ages to come. These "special" individuals might see the world differently compared to a "normal" person. When poverty and lack of power factors in one's place in society, These individuals will come-up with creative solutions for the problem at hand. This is where ground-breaking revolutions comes to life, Regardless of the effect or the size of the impact they have on society itself. Instead of the beaten path, shortcuts will emerge, often with lethal consequences. (Relatively)Short-term but immensely powerful form-factors would out themselves as all-out-wars and terrorism. Long-term forms would settle under the conceptual foundation of society and slowly change the measuring stick with slow but methodical influence, that will further complicate and harden an already difficult life.

Reason for all this, as "correctly" understood by a fellow middle-class struggler, is we've all were thrown into a world we don't completely understand and are forced to make-do with what we figure-out as we go along. It's the escape room game!. Whoever find right clues, is shown the door and gets to live free of social constraints we put here by ourselves.

The world as we know today, is here for a reason. The tightening walls of crashing economies, Increasing poverty, and this bizarre urge to own the best in biggest numbers, weren't here before us. So all of this came out our little brains. We invented our own punishment. A worthy punishment for trying and creating happiness and comfort with wrong ingredients. Entire generations of us jumped into being puppets of constant labor to make more money, get more crap, be more than our peers, eat shit and crap out gold. Gold in your feces is not a sign that says "You did all-right!". It means you are stuck in the flytrap like rest of the world. 

It's time that our collective minds finally figure-out that there's a very real threat of people walking around with broken brains and its only a matter of time we all completely loose our shit over things that won't even make a dent in the wall which keeps us away from things that really matters. Crap we invented surely will not help our corroding minds. Whatever things we gave birth to be smart, has got a lot smarter for sure. But that makes most of dumb, Doesn't it?. So in brief, make-you-dumber devices probably aren't a good investment for you.

Things surely went sideways at some point. Shit storms are being weathered but sails are getting broken one tread at a time. Whatever happiness we were hellbent on creating, is now just a wallpaper on a dumb device.

Now, how crazy would it be, If someone went back in time, put the fire out and said "Do fuck off, and start again. You damn dirty ape!

If you were looking for a point in this article, Sorry to disappoint, there weren't any!